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Savings account

5.5% APY

Don't let your bank profit from your money; optimize your cash returns. The five largest banks collectively hold over $6 trillion in deposits, offering less than a 1% interest rate on savings. With a near monopoly on deposits, they feel no obligation to provide substantial interest to customers.

Mission Global Investors (MGI) serves as a bank intermediary, connecting clients with US banks, with Northern Trust acting as the custodial bank handling books and records. Our rates are not temporary or introductory; we collaborate with over 100 FDIC-insured US banks.


No gimmicks, no minimum requirements, no fine print, and no fees. Interest accrues daily, and your funds are available for withdrawal at any time.

flow of funds


Clients deposit funds and earn highest interest 


MGI acts as an intermediary and is tasked with handling KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.

Northern Trust

Northern Trust functions as a custodian bank and maintains the book of records.

Bank Partners

Our network of over 100 banking partners receives deposits and pays interest on those deposits to our clients.

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