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Business Development Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification:

    • Conduct in-depth market analysis to identify investment opportunities and emerging trends.

    • Analyze financial markets, economic indicators, and competitor activities to inform strategic decisions.

  2. Strategic Planning:

    • Develop and implement strategic business development plans aligned with Mission Global Investors' goals.

    • Formulate strategies for entering new markets, expanding investment portfolios, and optimizing returns.

  3. Client Relationship Management:

    • Build and nurture strong relationships with existing clients, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Proactively seek and establish partnerships with institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and other relevant stakeholders.

  4. Sales and Revenue Generation:

    • Meet or exceed investment targets through effective client engagement and deal closures.

    • Negotiate investment terms and structures, driving revenue growth for Mission Global Investors.

  5. Market Research and Due Diligence:

    • Conduct comprehensive market research to identify potential investment opportunities.

    • Perform due diligence on potential investment targets, assessing risks and opportunities.

  6. Networking and Representation:

    • Represent Mission Global Investors at industry events, conferences, and networking forums.

    • Build and expand a network of contacts within the financial and investment community.

  7. Collaboration with Internal Teams:

    • Collaborate with investment analysts, portfolio managers, and other internal teams to align business strategies.

    • Ensure seamless coordination for the implementation of investment plans and strategies.

  8. Risk Management:

    • Identify and mitigate potential risks associated with investment activities.

    • Make informed decisions to minimize risks and enhance the overall risk-adjusted returns of the investment portfolio.

  9. Reporting and Analysis:

    • Provide regular reports on investment activities, performance, and market insights.

    • Analyze key performance indicators to measure the success of investment strategies.

  10. Continuous Learning and Industry Expertise:

    • Stay abreast of global financial markets, economic conditions, and regulatory changes.

    • Continuously update skills and knowledge related to investment management practices.

  11. Budget Management:

    • Develop and manage budgets for business development and investment activities.

    • Allocate resources effectively to achieve investment goals within budget constraints.

  12. Communication Skills:

    • Effectively communicate the value proposition of Mission Global Investors to clients and stakeholders.

    • Present investment strategies and plans to internal and external audiences.


This role requires a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of global financial markets, strong networking abilities, and a track record of successful business development in the investment industry.

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