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Marketing Manager 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Brand Strategy and Positioning:

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive brand strategy to position Mission Global Investors in the market.

    • Ensure brand consistency across all marketing channels and communications.

  2. Marketing Planning and Campaign Execution:

    • Plan and execute marketing campaigns to promote Mission Global Investors' investment products and services.

    • Collaborate with internal teams to align marketing initiatives with business goals.

  3. Digital Marketing:

    • Oversee digital marketing efforts, including website management, SEO, SEM, and social media campaigns.

    • Utilize data analytics to optimize digital marketing strategies for maximum impact.

  4. Content Creation and Management:

    • Develop compelling and informative content for various marketing channels.

    • Manage content creation, distribution, and maintenance across digital and traditional platforms.

  5. Investor Communication:

    • Craft clear and impactful communication materials for investors, including newsletters, reports, and presentations.

    • Ensure timely and transparent communication to build trust and confidence among investors.

  6. Event Management:

    • Plan and coordinate participation in industry events, conferences, and seminars.

    • Organize Mission Global Investors' events to engage with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

  7. Market Research and Competitor Analysis:

    • Conduct market research to understand investor preferences, market trends, and competitor activities.

    • Use insights to refine marketing strategies and stay ahead of industry changes.

  8. Collaboration with Sales Teams:

    • Collaborate with the sales team to develop marketing collateral that supports sales efforts.

    • Provide sales enablement tools and resources to enhance client engagement.

  9. Budget Management:

    • Develop and manage marketing budgets, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

    • Monitor and report on the ROI of marketing initiatives.

  10. Public Relations:

    • Build and maintain relationships with media outlets and industry influencers.

    • Manage public relations activities to enhance Mission Global Investors' visibility and reputation.

  11. Data Analytics and Reporting:

    • Utilize data analytics tools to track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns.

    • Provide regular reports on key marketing metrics and adjust strategies as needed.

  12. Compliance and Regulatory Awareness:

    • Ensure all marketing activities comply with industry regulations and legal requirements.

    • Stay informed about changes in marketing regulations relevant to the financial services industry.

This role requires a strategic and creative marketing professional with a deep understanding of the investment industry, strong communication skills, and the ability to drive effective marketing campaigns that align with the organization's objectives.

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